I like to garden. I am not a particularly good gardner, I just like to see things grow. IT’s exciting. It’s especially exciting when it blooms and grows like you imagined and even better … which is happening right now with my salvias, viburnum and the rose bush from next door.

My next door neighbor, Bill, died last year. He and his wife, Florence lived in that house for about 50 years and they both died within 4 months of each other. Bitter sweet. But the best thing they left behind was their rose bush and their Roses of Sharon shrub … oh wait, and the vintage Radio Flyer wagon they gave Liam and Noah. Bill and Florence were awesome.

I was kind of hoping the roses and salvias wouldn’t seriously bloom until my mom came, but they are in full swing right now and had to document it with pictures. I love it. I find myself outside in my tiny backyard just staring at the gorgeous blooms filling the yard with vibrant color … I sound like my mom. She gets pumped about flowers too. I used to think it was girly and dumb, but I like it now that it’s my own yard. Here are the pictures of mostly the side yard where the salvias and roses are blooming.

Bill and Florence’s rose bush.

The purple flowers are my salvias. I got them for myself for Mother’s Day last year I think.

The side yard. We just have a chainlink fence that has been there for about 65 years and it’s hideous. So, I got some white lattice and strapped it to the chainlink fence to cover it up. I love the bright white against the purple and red … mmmmm. The non flowering small tree on the left is a roses of sharon shrub. It will have huge white flowers on it in a month or so.

My viburnum. This was here when we got here. Someone before us planted it to cover the air conditioning unit next to the house, but when we first got here the plant was only about 2 feet tall. Now it’s taller than me. This viburnum inspired me to plant a burkwood viburnum in the front yard that smells like heaven in the spring. I actually just bought another viburnum for the other side of the back yard. They are hearty, grow fast and bloom. Perfect.

Well, mom, I hope you see and enjoy this now, cuz it’ll probably be done blooming by the time you get here. rats. But pretty right now, huh?

2 thoughts on “blooming

  1. How beautiful and fulfilling! Noah and I had a talk about your neighbors that I’ll have to tell you about. It was fun. It’s so nice seeing your home and yard and knowing what everything is like in real life… “Is this real life?!?”

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