OK, i had to get my life in order and so this morning … I did.

Bedroom cleaned, clothes put away, bed made? … done.

Kitchen – dishes washed and put away, countertops and table wiped down, stuff put away, floor swept and dry swiffered twice then wet swiffered? – done.

By the way, that’s my newly painted tabel and chairs. They used to be black. I can’t remember if I’ve shown this before or not. The sunflowers are from the Ann Arbor farmer’s market I went to with Mandee on Saturday. So pretty. I love the flowers … and the farmer’s market.

Front room picked up and vacuumed? … sooo on top of it!

And what you can’t see is the tummy time that was had on this floor after it was vacuumed. And the laundry that was folded and put away (we’re talking 4 loads). And the toilet and sink that were cleaned in the bathroom (the toilet had not only red mold inside, but black too …. and other colorful marks inside). I also took a shower, got dressed and put on makeup. I ate breakfast AND lunch. And there are loads of laundry running right now. PLUS, I came up with the menu for the baby shower I’m working on. As Daniel and my dad would say, “this is one of your special days”.

Now I’d like to kind of keep it this way …. we’ll see how long it lasts. But the real reason I got this all done was because Ray napped! Lo and behold! The baby actually sleeps! I’m convinced it’s the chiropractor now (new theory … I come up with them constantly). He napped from 9-11:30 am and I had to go in and wake him up. Yes. I will say it again. I woke him up. It was awesome. Then he was awake for a few hours – during which I nursed him, gave him a bath, let him play in the bouncer for a bit and did tummy time where he rolled over. Then I put him down around 1:30 and he screamed like the dickens for about 3 minutes and 10 minutes later I looked in on him and he was fast asleep. I am amazed. Chiropractor. That must be it. I am doing nothing different than I was before. But look at all the stinking stuff I can do when life is normal and Ray naps! I feel like a new woman! Seriously. I wish this were the norm, but it’s not, so I have to blog about it when it happens.

One thought on “yup

  1. i LOVE days like that! and goodness gracious. it sounds like you have more than earned a good day. and i love your kitchen. it looks so clean and sunny. and your table is the perfect pop of color right there. well done:)

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