Halloween Party 2013

I think I’ve been holding out on this post because it’s something I love and wanted to present correctly. It’s the Halloween party!!!!!!!!!! My little sister, Aria, hosted it this year and she did a ridiculously good job! She even bought a chemistry set online and borrowed bunson burners from a Biology teacher friend. It was amazing. And so fun. Man I love Halloween parties!

As a rule, we never tell one another what we’re going to dress up like. Total secrecy. But this year, Christina, Aria and I all lived near one another and we were doing the party together and our costume ideas slipped out weeks before the party. It turned out that Christina was lying about her costume, just to throw us off the scent. But last minute Daniel and I changed our costumes, so jokes on them! Ha! What’s funny is that both Christina and Jeff and Daniel and I ended up dressing up like rock stars without knowing that’s what the other was doing. What’s sad? I look a LOT like Slash (who is a man … why do I look like a man?) Anyway, tons of fun and Aria killed it this year for the Halloween party!

Daniel and I were Slash and Axel Rose from Guns-n-Roses.

Jamiesons came too! They drove an hour to get there – woo hoo! That’s dedication :)

That’s me, Aria and Christina. Aria is Egor.

The front room. Aria covered the walls in tea stained biology book pages. And she made that chalkboard herself. I made the thing in the corner. It was supposed to be a transistor type thing that would hypothetically bring Frankenstein back to life …

This is above her piano.

John, the skeleton.

The bathroom had green and blue lights and was bird cage themed.

The drink table. It was cool cuz you could pour yourself a sprite then, add grenadine from little test tubes that were filled.

Brittany and Landon. We love them. Landon looks like Thor .. or Brad Pitt, right? A little? Brittany is so artistic. She did the paintings and all the photography.

The food table.

This was clear plastic sheeting that Aria used to cover the kitchen area. They splattered it with red food coloring dye to look like blood.

And there it is. Finally. The Great Halloween Party of 2013. Oh yeah, and guess who tied for Best Costume? Forsyths and Jamiesons!

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