Let the good times roll

So, a few weeks ago, in the first weekend in December, everyone came. It was the ward Relief Society dinner that Christina and I were in charge of. Well, we’re on the RS Meeting committee and that means that we and about 4 other ladies put this on. It was supposed to be a really nice evening, with a guest speaker and pretty musical numbers and it was a sit down dinner too and it was adult only.

Somehow, Christina convinced Mom and Dad, Bethany and then Mina to all fly down for the event. Mom, Bethany and I sang a trio of What Child Is This (Sally DeFord) and then we had to have Mina fly in if everyone else was going to be here too!! Anyway, it was just for one night. Mom, Dad and Beth flew in Friday and flew out Saturday. Mina made her stay a little longer, but it was awesome for about 24 hours there.

I cannot express how good it feels to hang out with my family. I just love them all. And we are better together. When we get everyone together, stuff gets crazy fun. Friday night, after the dinner, we were going to try and drive into Santa Monica and go to this swanky dessert place that Dad found. And afterall, we’re only all together for one night, so why not? Right? And how often do we all get together? … But Santa Monica and traffic sounded cumbersome so we opted for Cheesecake factory close by. It was magic. I know, of all places, magic at the Cheesecake factory … but it was.

Even waiting in the entryway was a blast. We took pictures and picked out which cheesecakes we wanted to order (basically one of everything) and laughed and talked and pinched each other’s cheeks. Such a blast. All the time. And it’s not like there’s one funny person in the group. Everyone is hilarious and good storytellers and everyone has something interesting to add to the party. You should see Daniel Cakes come alive around my family and tell stories. serious good times. Anyway, it was too chort, but so good. It’s fun that I get to see everyone again next week for Christmas. Damiano Christmas year! Woo hoo!

Don’t judge … this was Saturday morning, before Daddy had to leave. He wanted a picture, so we did it. But we all were in our jammies and no makeup on.

One thought on “Let the good times roll

  1. first off, y’all look pretty dang good without makeup. my sisters and i didn’t luck out like that.

    and second, i have a lot to say about sally deford. i’m all for free music, but sally. must you write music that requires the accompanist to play in FIVE different octaves in one measure? it just seems a little unnecessary.

    i had to get that out.

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