the olympics, ugh

I have GOT to stop eating while watching the olympics. A week ago, after we put the boys to bed, it was about 9 pm and Daniel and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. It was a crazy day. Anyway, Daniel went and grabbed some Five Guys’ burgers and fries and we sat down to watch Michael Phelps swim. I felt pretty silly sitting on my front room floor, stuffing my flabby-after-baby body with burgers and fries while commenting on how if Michael Phelps had really cared at all – he would’ve trained better for the 400 meter race that he lost. Eating while watching these amazing bodies go flying across the TV screen in front of me is a little depressing. I mean these Olympians really have amazing bodies and are in peak condition … and then here I am in stark contrast, 45 lbs overweight with a tire around my middle horking down burgers.

It happened again for Family Home Evening Monday night. We ate banana splits while watching gymnastics. Then last night I made a pan of brownies and ate them (not the whole pan) while watching track and field. I watched this woman who had twins and then gotten back into such amazing condition that she won the silver medal in hurdles. Let’s just say I am not really ready to compete in hurdling right now.

All these olympians and their darn bodies and striving spirit – ugh. I’m so tired of it. It just makes me feel so far removed from these people. I will probably never have abs like Misty Mae-Treanor and Kerry Walsh-Jennings, so what’s the point of trying right?? No. I should try. But the summer olympics are definitely not helping me get the gumption up to do it. I literally just google searched the phrase “workout routines for moms”. I have got to do something. I guess I should start by not eating junk, then maybe try not eating junk while watching the olympics. That’s first on my list.

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