stuff i forgot to write down

I forgot to mention a few things about Liam and I don’t wnat to forget them – he loves to dress up. Yesterday we went to Goodwill to look for costumes for the boys for Halloween.- and we hit the jackpot! I wasn’t expecting much, but it was awesome! And Liam loved it. He was in heaven. He kept picking out costumes and saying, “THIS is the one I wanted. Let’s buy it”. Two days ago when we were looking online for costumes, mostly to get a good idea of what we should look for, Liam saw an awesome Captain Rex (Star Wars character) outfit. It was $65 and I told Liam it was too expensive and Liam responded, “Wew (well), mommy, then you wiw (will)┬áhave to save up ya money and buy it fa (for) me because we need to buy it”. He is so bossy. the heck? This kid.

So, lo and behold, we found a Captain Rex outfit for Liam at Goodwill and he has worn it every moment since then. In fact, I woke up this morning and came into the front room to see both Liam and Noah wearing their Halloween costumes over their jammies and watching cartoons. They are beautiful.


One thought on “stuff i forgot to write down

  1. um so awesome! my girls have been in their leotards since i got them. I washed them last night and hid them til saturday when they need them. crazy kids! love ya!

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