It’s 10:45 am and I’m trying to decide whether I should shower or eat breakfast before I have to wake up Ray early from his nap, get back in the car and pick up Liam from preshool. What have I done wrong in my life that I’m trying to choose between eating and showering at this late hour in the morning? let’s see …. I think this is how the morning went ….

7:35 am – woke up to a crying Baby Ray and I had started my period.

7:45 am – nursed Ray

8:08 am – put Ray in the bouncer and forced the boys to stop playing legos and get ready for school ….. much yelling and sadness later …

8:55 amĀ – drop off Noah to school, one minute late.

9 am – get stamps and drop off Christmas cards in the mailbox on the way to take Liam to pre school.

9:20 am – drop off Liam at pre school.

9:30 am – go pick up Midol and tampons at CVS

9:45 am – at home, Nurse Ray and go potty.

10:15 am – address and stamp about 30 Christmas cards … still not finished. Change the sheets on Ray’s bedding because he barfed on them while I addressed.

10:45 am – decision making time about food or shower.

Yeah, that’s what led up to this. I don’t think it could’ve gone any differently. What should I have cut out and done instead? Now it’s 11:15 am and I need to wake up Ray and go get Liam. Shower will have to be after lunch because Liam will be ready to eat when we get home and Ray will be upset … maybe I’ll feed Ray again … or try to put him back to sleep?? I dunno. And so the day marches on.

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