Ray, 9 months and the cardigan

I can’t believe it. Ray is 9 months. It went slow and fast. Here is what he’s up to these days:

  • he took his first sit up bath today, without the little infant baby bathtub. He tried to lie down flat on his tummy and put his face in the water to drink it the entire time. It’s like he’s trying to drown or something. I was halfway in the tub myself the whole time, supporting him with one arm and hand while I washed him with the other. It was quite a feat … and it probably looked hilarious too.
  • he crawls everywhere, and fast.
  • he says stuff. Like “lalalala” and “mamamama” and “dee”. And when he’s mad he says “nah nah nah”.
  • he eats a ton. I feed him about 6-7 baby food jars and he drinks about 22oz of formula a day.
  • consequently, he poops and pees a ton as well. It’s to be expected. But the one thing I haven’t counted on is changing his clothes and sheets daily. He pees and poops through everything, all the time. But for the past week specifically he’s never woken up without having peed through his jammies and blankets and sheets. This kid is an animal. It’s like he’s making up for the 4 months when he was losing weight …. so that’s good.
  • he’s pretty active. Also to be expected. I guess Daniel and I just usually make active kids. He is always slapping or kicking something or someone. He’s gotten Daniel and I pretty good a few times, slapping us hard and loud on the face. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that it’s during church. One time he got hold of my hair with both hands and yanked as hard as he could and I wasn’t expecting it and I yelped out in pain and surprise … in church …. it was embarrassing.
  • he pulls himself up to his knees on stuff around the house.

  • he’s a happy boy. As long as we make sure he’s fed and gets his naps in, he’s pretty happy.

  • Noah and Liam love him and try to play with him all the time. Ray is a good sport, even when they’re a bit rough because I think he likes hangin’ with the big boys.
  • he’s a serious momma’s boy. He won’t even go to Daniel if I’m in the room. I kind of love that. It’s selfish, I know. But he is in love with me and how could you not love that??
  • he loves his soft blankets and won’t really relax unless he has a soft, squishy blanket rubbing his little lips. It’s adorable.
  • I’ve started giving him a little bit of table food – bananas and grapes, chopped into miniscule pieces. He seems to like it, after gagging a little at first.

OK, now for the fun stuff: I have been looking on pinterest for ideas on what to dress up Ray like for Easter and I found these onesie cardigans┬áthat I LOVE and so …. I had to figure out how to make them. I found this┬átutorial for them and made little Ray his first onesie cardigan. I think I pretty much, nailed it! But I made it from a onesie I got from the consignment store for $1 and had to pick from what was there, so it’s a little big on him, but I think it still works.

So, once I finished the cardigan, I gave Ray a bath and then did a mini photo shoot in his room to show off his beautiful self and my handy work on the cardigan. You’ll notice he has an orange nose. He’s been like that all winter. I think it’s just because his nose is chapped and dry from having a perpetual runny nose for months. Winter sucks. Anyway, it’s not the coloring in the picture that’s weird, it’s really that his nose is orange.

All my boys. They are so fun. I love their sweet faces.


One thought on “Ray, 9 months and the cardigan

  1. What? $1? They saw you coming. OK, just kidding – it is super clever. Mr Laser Ray keeps being a “Sharp Dressed Man.”

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