Christmas vacation in NorCal

First and foremost, Noah was baptized in northern CA. It was absolutely a dream. I loved everything about it and who was there and the Spirit that was so strongly present. I hope Noah remembers the day in some way. A little tidbit of information? Both Daniel and I were baptized in that very same font. Daniel has a picture of himself at 8 years old and his Dad (who baptized him), standing in the hallway of the church where Noah was baptized too. You better believe we took of picture of Noah and his Daddy in that same hallway. Here are a few pictures:

Yeah, Daniel was taking the pictures and didn’t seem to notice that Noah wasn’t smiling at all, in either picture. Other than that, perfect day :)

As for the rest of the trip – we hardly ever pulled out our camera. It’s too bad though, cuz it was a blast!

I will have to give more details later – gotta run and make dinner.

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