the guest room


There are a couple rooms in my house that I love. They are usually the ones that are less used. So I will clean them up and organize them and decorate them and they stay that way for a while because hardly anyone goes in there to mess it up. Ray’s room is one of those rooms. Much to my dismay, Ray doesn’t spend a lot of time in his room, except for when he’s sleeping. I worked so hard to make it cute and fun and everything at his eye level and …. he never hangs out in there. sigh.

The guest room is another one of those rooms. It’s really my craft room, so whenever it gets messed up it’s because I did it :) I cleaned up the guest room from a recent project explosion in there because Ian is coming to visit next week for the whole week. I can’t wait. I really love Ian. He is Daniel’s youngest brother. He’s fun and cool and easy to be with. Also, I know the boys will love having Uncle Ian around.

Since I feel the need to document things once I clean them … I did it again here. I will tell you why I love this little room – because it’s mostly white with lots of pops of color everywhere. It has meaningful things in the room too. Like the stool I sit on while sewing is an old piano stool that my Great Aunt Si used. The yellow lamp in this room was a lucky find at a thrift store. The handprints on the wall are Daniel’s from when he was 5 and 6 and then Noah’s and Liam’s. The photo above the nightstand is of Daniel holding Ray when he was a baby and they were both sleeping. The tiny flags on the small wall by the door¬†are flags that Christina made. She used them to¬†decorate a box of food that she and Aria gave me on the first day I moved to southern CA to live here. The magnetic board on the wall is one I framed from an old frame I found on the side of the road in MI and I covered the board with our daily preschool stuff – the alphabet, weather and date. There’s so much love in this room. It’s so specific to me too. I just love having people come stay in it. I hope they feel it.







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