Today I did not do much. I blogged about our beach trip. I took a nap with Ray on my tummy. I got showered and dressed. I made a blow out breakfast of eggs and toast with a smoothie – that was pretty ambitious, eh? And that about sums it up. I also did a lot of nursing and burping and walking around carrying Ray in one arm. Sometimes I get super motivated and do lots – laundry, play dates, outings to the sprinkler park, Costco shopping with all three boys,¬†clean up the whole house … and sometimes days just pass like this. Sometimes I actually remember I have a 7 week old baby and I don’t need to accomplish anything but keeping everyone in the house alive and fed.

I have a pretty dirty house and stuff left out from our beach trip on Saturday. I have sand on the kitchen floor and dishes in the sink. I have run out of underwear and laundry to do. I have a pile of beach towels by my back door. The front room is a mess and my bed is unmade. It’s OK. I have to keep telling myself that today. Sometimes it’s OK to take a nap and watch “Junk Gypsies” while nursing Ray instead of getting up to clean up. Just sometimes. And today was that kind of day.

I have plans though. I got up and went to the grocery store so we had the ingredients to do grilled fajitas for dinner and to have an “Olympic Party” for Family Home Evening. The plan is to eat dinner, then have banana splits while watching gymnastics. We’ll finish the day strong :)

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