Liam, age 4 1/2

This kid. So beautiful …. and so complicated. sheesh. I was just taking a shower
(yeah, it’s 3:30  in the afternoon) and I’ve had a hard time getting up the gumption to get needful things done today, like laundry and cleaning up after my Halloween party …. so I’m trying to decompress in the shower and Liam waltzes in and this is the conversation that ensues:

Liam: Mommy, when can I have my Captain Rex gun and Captain Rex helmet?

Me: On Halloween. I don’t want you to lose or break them before Halloween. Then you can play with them whenever you want after Halloween, k? (By the way – we’ve had this exact same conversation about 45 times since I bought this part of his Halloween costume on Saturday)

Liam: (whining and falling on the ground as he says this) nooooooo. I want it.

Me: Well guess what Liam? I have some good news.

Liam: (still whining) Why do I have to do everything??!

Me: what are you talking about?

Liam: Why do I have to do everything?! (louder this time)

Me: OK, I don’t know what you mean, but you can wear your Captain Rex stuff this Saturday, before Halloween at the trunk or treat at the church. Isn’t that fun?

Liam: no. I want it.

Me: OK, fine. It’s not fun, get out while I shower.

The other day I snapped some shots of him because I haven’t for a while. He’s so beautiful. Recently he has really good days and really bad days and hardly any in betweens. But here are his favorites: he loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches, playing with his lego star wars guys and he recently made a best friend at preschool. His name is Lucas. Liam is very reserved in public and needs lots of love, pretty much all the time. He LOVES Ray. I think more than anyone in the house … maybe he even surpasses me. Liam notices Ray and talks to him and … sniffs his little hands all the time. He sniffs Ray’s feet too. I ask him what Ray smells like and Liam says, “baby”.

When Liam is having a good day – he is the best helper. He will say things like, “Mommy, I will do everything that you say today!” He also will give spontaneous love – squeezes and kisses and snuggles. He loves to nap and sleep (just like his daddy). At bedtime he falls asleep almost as soon as his head hits the pillows most nights. He will often times tell Noah, “Be quiet! I’m going to sleep, Noah”.

I would say more, but Ray is crying and I have to pick up Noah. Here are Liam’s pictures:

This is such a Daniel face … rubbing his eyes the same as Daniel and looking at me with those eyes saying, “stop taking my picture”. So Daniel.

2 thoughts on “Liam, age 4 1/2

  1. OK, this is my second time reading the bathroom conversation and I’m cracking up as much or more as I did the first time. I can totally picture this AND hear Liam’s voice. :-)

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