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I finally got to meet Emily this past week. And I love her. I love these first few photos of her because they were taken of her in my arms. Christina held and nursed her for most of the time I was in southern California, but for one, quiet and lazy afternoon I held her while Christina napped. It was heavenly. I held her and she slept on me while I dozed and napped too. She was warm and beautiful and smelled like a new baby. Ray is almost 6 months now and his infant stage is definitely over. I still thought of him as a tiny guy until I met little Emily. She’s perfect. I know all too well how much work it is in the beginning … and how exhausting it is. It’s really a shame that during this recovery period mommies aren’t fully able to see what they have in their arms. At least I was never able to see it. Even with Ray. They are so fresh from heaven. In the midst of craziness and sleepless nights and painful nursing there’s a perfect little being in your arms, wholly dependant on you. They reaally are gorgeous at this moment in time.

It was funny and amazing to me, to see how I felt about my sisters’ kids during this trip to CA. I knew so much about each of them because I talk to their mommies everyday mostly about them. And I just felt like they were mine too. They were an extension of me and my¬†boys and I loved them.

That one lazy afternoon with Emily is when Mina and I did a mini photo shoot of Emily. I realize that they are all basically the same picture … but we took a million and each one is slightly different and I should get props for not posting all 35 pictures we took.







3 thoughts on “emily jane clark

  1. OMG love these pictures. So fabulous. I love your camera as well. That little Emily is hard not to love right? But I guess the same goes with baby Ray too. Even though he cried in my arms most of the time, I couldn’t NOT love his face :)

  2. These pictures are exquisite! They really catch all of her warm, soft, sweet, cuddly, beautiful self. I miss her and Ray, it’s just not fair that we are all so far away from each other. WE really need to do something about that.

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