cookies & santa letters

I never posted these, but we actually had a fun early part of December, before things got closer to Christmas and insane. But for a week it was quite nice. The boys and I made gingerbread cookies, then decorated them. See if you can tell which cookies are mine and which belong to the boys :) I also had to post the boys’ letters to Santa. Always a hit.

translation: Dear Santa, I want a Lego Captain Rex and Cad Bane.

translation:  To Santa, I want to get the big Deathstar that is made of like 1000 legos and the Y-Wing that you can fit a Lego guy inside and Captain Rex! Lego List! Love, Noah.

One more tack-on for December – I was in charge of making the Christmas cupcakes for Noah’s class at school. I found this idea on Pinterest, I think. They are red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese cupcakes and coconut flakes, with a peppermint “north pole” stick. Yeah for December 2012!

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