Noah’s Talk for church

I teach the 10 and 11 year old girls at church, so I never get to see it when Liam or Noah give talks in Primary. I hate that I miss that everytime, so I asked Daniel to record it this time. He did and it came out terribly. Ray was crying the whole time and it was hard to hear and Noah was standing in front of a window, so you couldn’t see anything but his outline …. anyway, when we got home from church I had Noah repeat it for the camera and here it is:


3 thoughts on “Noah’s Talk for church

  1. Love my Noah. Such a sweet boy. I am pretty sure he was one of the great and noble spirits that were chosen to lead this church. He is bound to be an apostle or prophet someday

  2. OK, the closed eyes at the end cinched it. Also, I now understand that I am not going bald. It is just that my glove is getting threadbare. Kidding aside, it is an impressive oration.

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