Easter 2013, just Ray

Seriously, the camera loves this happy kid. Ray was asleep during our family photo shoot for Easter, so Ray got a separate shoot. It only took about 3 minutes, because he just sat there on the settee just smiling at me like this, for every picture. It was amazing. Best kid to photograph. ever.

Now, lemme explain his outfit: I wanted to do a cardigan onesie and after practicing on one a few weeks ago, I felt pretty confident. I finally found the grey and white striped long sleeve onesie I was looking for at the consignment store and made my onesie cardigan. Then I needed a yellow bowtie. I couldn’t find the right yellow fabric in my store of fabric and so I asked Daniel if he had any ties he wanted to get rid of and he did! The only problem was that the tie I wanted to use was yellow and blue. I didn’t want the blue … soooooo, I just folded and sewed the blue parts together so that the tie looked all yellow, then I made it into the bowtie you see above. I attached the bowtie to a white short sleeved onesie underneath the long sleeved onesie cardigan and there you have it – Happy Easter little Ray!

I had a little fun editing the first and last picture of Ray. Just for fun.


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