The settee

Wha? I don’t have enough to do?? OK, I guess I’ll get on another project or two …. and then I did.

I recently reupholstered my settee. It was plaid before, with very worn edges. My mom gave it to me about 5 years ago and before that, mom had it for about 5 years, so it had gotten some love over time and needed a boost. So I gave it one by making a slipcover in white. yes. white. I did it. I’m crazy. I have 2 crazy boys with one on the way and I am purposely putting white furniture in my home. In my defense, it is a slicover, so that means I can take it off anytime and wash the whole thing. It’s actually pretty durable material. It’s white denim and I really like how it turned out, so see for yourself … oh yeah, and I recovered my entryway bench in a blue and white geometric pattern – it used to be this tired, blue denim cover. The front room really feels brand new now. I like it.

This is to show the back, where I put the velcro – can you see it?? I hope not. I made it velcro along the edge, right around the corner. It’s the bottom third of the back, so you see it now? I just un-velcro that part and pull the whole thing off for washing.

My welting job (that’s the piping). I was proud of it, especially since I had to basically do the seat cushion twice, but I am happy with how it turned out.

 The new covered bench … it makes it more awesome to know that I scored this little bench off the side of the road in NJ, painted it white, added the IKEA baskets and then just recovered the top … I love free stuff.

Our new front room. ahhhhhhh. Do you like the red, white and blue theme we’ve got going now?? We’re so patriotic, I guess. I wasn’t really meaning for the front room to scream “happy 4th of July”, but maybe it does now … hmmmmm.


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