38 weeks

OK, I know the above picture is a little blurry and I am in my PJ’s, but whatevs. I am documenting at least.

Here’s where we are this week:

– I have gained 51 lbs, ringing me in at 196lbs … and counting, remember, we have a few more weeks to go still.

– This week’s big news, is that the baby flipped around and is now in a posterior position, which is “sunny side up”, as my mom refers to it. This is bad. He has been in a perfect position, head down and everything, all pregnancy, and here we are, looking down the long stretch to the finish line and he flips around. sheesh. Evidently posteroir labor and delivery is very painful and loooooong and being that I do this naturally, I am extremely motivated to get this little guy to turn around. So I have been doing pelvic rocks, inversion positioning on my couch (basically leaning on my elbpws from the edge of my couch with my bum in the air … really cute move at this size and weight) and tonight I will be trying a “rebozo” jiggling thingy that I read online at “spinningbabies.com” …. seriously. My midwife suggested it and I am all in.

– I am now oscillating between two new feelings:

1. Do I pretend that nothing is happening and not wait around for labor to begin and just go about my normal life? Just keep on doing what I’m doing and make plans and ignore the upcoming event of labor by trying not to think about it?

2. Or do I prepare and fill my head with Bradley book info and read up about the stages of labor again and pack my bags for the hospital?

I don’t know if I should obsess about the major thing about to come out of me, or if I just try not to stress about it and not think about it? … I probably should pack my bags though …. but when you do that, it’s like you set the clock in your head and it’s just a waiting game … and you start wondering if you should wash those favorite stretchy pants every other day because you might go into labor and you want them at the hospital …. agh.

– I have started shaving my bikini line everyday¬†… just in case.

– I bought wet wipes.

– I had Daniel move the pack-n-play into our closet, then I washed the sheets for it and set it all up.

– I bought a few more baby clothes at the consignment store … hee hee. I only spent $5 and I got another newborn onesie (sooooo cute – it’s Carters and dark blue with the tiiest little shirt pocket on it you’ve ever seen), a blue and white striped romper (also Carters), a tie and a 3 month onesie that has a giraffe on it that says “I [heart] long hugs”. Oh man, gimme this. I gotta soak up some happiness now.

– I am hot. all. the. time.

– I have dreadful dreams and remember them.

– Now that he is in a posterior position, it means all of his limbs are on my front, right under my belly button. So I am getting some crazy movement that is very noticeable. Little feet and elbows and knees keep pushing out the front of me and it’s kind of exciting to see little parts of him … except when it hurts … then it just hurts.

And that’s where we are right now. I am officially only 12 days away from my due date. But my mom is (wisely) not coming in until June8th, even though my due date is June 1st. So I should really think of it in terms of more like¬†19 more days, which is almost 3 solid weeks away still. Either way, we’re focusing on the goal line now.

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