Happy 4th Birthday Liam!

Liam is four and this is what he’s like these days:

– his favorite song is “Moves Like Jagger” by Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera

– his favorite foods are: mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, pizza, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, any kind of fruit, sour cream banana pancakes, scrambled eggs and “snacks” (i.e. granola bars and fruit leather) … oh, and gum (is that really a food??)

– he loves to play outside and with Noah.

– He LOVES legos. Mostly just the lego guys. His favorite lego guy is “Commander Cody” and all the storm troopers (he loves bad guys … not a good sign).

– all of his L’s are W’s and any word ending in “ar” he adds an S to. So, for instance he says “wego” instead of “lego” and says “cars” instead of “car”, he also says “doors” instead of “door” and all of is “ar” sounds come out like a kid from Boston, “he pah-ks the cah-s at hah-vahd squeh” (he parks the car at hardvard square). It’s pretty cute.

– his favorite Sunday songs are: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man and I Am a Child of God (which he always makes us sing for opening and closing songs for Family Home Evening … he does all of the actions to the Wiseman song.) He also loves and knows Book of Mormon Stories and the alphabet song.

– he loves watching the food network or HGTV with mommy and taking naps on the couch.

– he’s a snuggler. On Saturday mornings, he’ll climb into bed with Daniel and me and just giggle and stare at us.

For his birthday this year we made it a day all about Liam. It started off at 6 am because he and Noah were too excited to sleep. He opened a few gifts in the morning before Daddy left for work – a white lego ninja guy, a lego sticker book and a Little Pookie book by Sandra Boynton. Then he played and watched cartoons all morning and had his favorite cereal that he picked out – Trix.

He didn’t have to do any chores (he relished this and reminded Noah about it several times as Noah slaved away making his bed and picking up their room). For lunch he wanted chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce, apples and apple juice (it was a very processed foods day, I don’t know how his insides can take that kind of a beating without consequences). Then we went to Target with $50 that Grandma and Grandpa from CA sent him and he blew it all on lego sets. He was absolutely delighted. He is always asking to buy expensive lego sets and we are never able to say yes, but on his birthday, all we said  was “yes” to him, all day long. I can’t believe it, but he spent $48 without even blinking. Amazing that a 4 year old could do that.

Then for dinner we took him to Chuck E. Cheese’s and he rode on rides, played games, ate pizza and drank soda. When we got home he had a yellow cake with sprinkles in it and on top of it, with chocolate frosting and he got his last two presents – a crossbow from Gammie and a left handed baseball glove from Daddy.

By about halfway through the day, the whole “king for a day” concept was sinking in and really starting to go to his head. He demanded we sing “Happy Birthday” to him several times and matter of factly told people he didn’t have to do chores “ev-ah” and he didn’t have to share anything either. hmmmmm. It was a little disturbing to watch him act like a tyrant for a day. Glad it was only a day, who knows what would’ve happened had it been longer.

But he was happy. It was a fun day for Liam. We love you Liam. You’re beautiful and I am thankful for you today!


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