Huntington Gardens

So, in October, we went to Huntington Gardens which is, surprisingly, not anywhere near Huntington Beach. Once every month they do a free day. But you have to be really on the ball and get your free tickets a month in advance and they sell out in like 20 minutes. We went through all the trouble and made it happen and then even took our kids out of school early to go! Then the saddest thing happened. I really have a hard time writing it … Aria somehow locked her keys in her house and was stuck, outside of her house, without keys to her car and she couldn’t get in her car and come. We had free tickets for her and Christina and I were there and Aria was stuck. It was terrible. It kind of soured our enjoyment because Aria wasn’t there that day. We kept thinking and saying things like, “Aria would love this” or “Luca would go crazy for this!” It was a sad day, but it was also sooooooo beautiful. I took a ton of pictures, so I am going to minimize the commentary and let the pictures speak for themselves:

They had all these stations set up for kids to do little experiments and enjoy nature. Very cool.

Liam and Rocco.

Ben, Liam and Noah checking out this massive leaf.

The Children’s Garden. It was awesome. It was fenced in and felt so safe for the kids. All of them loved it and we spent half our time here.

But Ray spent ALL of his time at this little fountain area. genius.

Entering the Chinese gardens

It was unbelievable really. The views were breathtaking. The pictures don’t really capture it.

There was some scene in “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey here. Weedy was pretty pumped about it.

There you have it. Aria, we HAVE to do this again!!! And you will be there next time!

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