thankful tree

I have been meaning to do this for years and I finally got to it this year. Christina really got me going because she called me and said, “I know where you should put your thankful tree in your new house”. Awesome. Sooo, I kept looking online at thankful trees and they were pretty puny. Little gatherings of sticks in a vase …. but not me. I always go big. I took a wall and 3 days to really finish it.

Anyway, last night for Family Home Evening, we sat around our table and I cut out leaves from paper and the boys and Daniel wrote things they were grateful for. They really got into it. I HAD to stop them so we could eat treat and get to bed. It was fun and easy and I love that it looks like Fall inside my southern California house now :)


4 thoughts on “thankful tree

  1. I love this idea and I meant to do it this year but time just got away from me. I love reading your blog and hearing what your family is up to. :-)

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  3. Just discovered your blog, because I was looking up new ways of making a Thanksgiving tree. I’m a journalist and author who writes books about family traditions. Anyway, I love this way of doing it, and posted a photo on my blog post today, and linked to your blog. Maybe your readers would like to see my variations as well.

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