40 weeks

Here we are – happy fake due date to me. I say “fake” because it is not really my 40 week due date … but my midwife counts it as my 40 weeks. When in all reality, I went in yesterday and she measured me at 38 weeks and I am not going to have this baby today. I counted 40 weeks from conception and my real 40 weeks is June 15th – which is exactly how I am measuring.

Anyway, I still have to go in every 3 days now and they call me “overdue” and do a bunch of non-stress-tests … which are a huge pain. You have sit in a room with stuff strapped to your tummy and they measure the baby’s movement for 20-30 minutes. It’s lame.

But here’s what we’ve done so far today on my “fake due date”:

– made crepes for breakfast (super yummy)

– gave both boys a bath

– cleaned the bathroom

– finished the 3rd mobile (the 2nd one didn’t turn out right … had to redo it). This mobile is not for the nursery, but for the pack-n-play, where little Ray will be for the first 3 months. Common, he has to have something to stare at, right?? Wonna see pictures? Check it out … is 6 pictures overkill for a tiny mobile? I dunno …


I made the mobile out of paper, fishing line, beads and glue. Definitely not for tiny hands to touch – just to look at.

So, that’s it. I will take Noah to school in about an hour and then Liam has a play date with Cole, so I will have 2-3 hours to myself. Thta’s dangerous. I would like to think I’d take a nap or do something good for me like that, but I had a crazy idea this morning – what if I take measurements of my kitchen cabinets and figure out how much it would cost to reface all of my cabinets with IKEA doors?? Maybe I’ll head out to IKEA, hmmmmm. I might get myself some donuts, to celebrate this day coming and going.

Here’s what’s going on  in my pregnancy so far:

– I am still ringing in at 199lbs, which is a total gain of 54 lbs.

– I pee at least 2-3 times a night now. It used to be once a night … it has tripled since this little guy has taken up more bladder space.

– I don’t sleep very well. I dream about contractions, which must mean I am having them in my sleep. I have also finally started showing up pregnant in my dreams. I was normal looking in my dreams until the last few weeks … I guess I’ve finally accepted this. I also have a hard time getting comfortable for very long in any one position while I sleep. If I lay on my right or left side, my right or left leg ends up falling asleep and I have to turn over. If I lay on my back, the baby crushes my organs and spine and sleeping on my tummy has been a pastime for many months now. So, I wake up a lot during the night. It’s OK. Everytime I can’t sleep, I just stare at Daniel cakes’ side view. He looks so beautiful when he sleeps. So serene.

– I have started getting braxton hicks contractions everytime I wipe. Not cool.

– I found out that everything I am feeling as “contractions” are considered Braxton Hicks unless they induce labor. So basically, unless my contractions turn into labor and delivery and a baby comes out, it is Braxton Hicks. That’s disappointing. It makes me feel like these hurt and happen for nothing. But that’s not true. It’s always good practice for labor. It’s like weight lifting, the more reps you do, the stronger your muscles get.

– I am really hungry all the time.

– I’m all over the board emotionally. I have really good days and really bad days – very little in betweens.

And there you have it. Mom comes in a week and I’m pumped about that. I love it when my mom comes. It doesn’t happen often … wait, she actually never comes to Michigan unless I have a baby. I get it though. I wouldn’t come to MI either, if I didn’t live here. But she’s coming and when she does, we’ll go to Ann Arbor and hit the farmer’s market and whole foods …. and …. wait for it … Zingerman’s, mmmmmm.

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