Mom and Ray

My mom came. She was trying to make it in time for the labor and delivery, but CA is just too far away from MI. Mom arrived about 3 hours after Ray was born. She was the very first visitor :)

Mom has been with me for a week now and she left today. I don’t know how I’m going to survive without her. She just took care of everything. She was the mommy of the house, doing everything but nurser Baby Ray. She cooked, drove Noah to school, played with the boys, did laundry, dishes, vacuumed, made sure that I was eating and sleeping. sigh. Now she’s gone. There’s nothing like having your mom around. Now I miss her dearly and I’m starting to feel the new weight of motherhood on my shoulders. I’m a mommy of three … how did that happen?

I took a few shots of my mom and little Ray before she flew out on a plane this morning. Check it out:

2 thoughts on “Mom and Ray

  1. I love every single one of these pictures. Especially the one where Ray looks so happy to get a kiss from his Grandma. Francesca — I am coming to help! Not soon enough, I know, but still soon.
    love, love, love, love to all of you.

  2. Oh, I miss holding him and snuggling him and smelling him……….

    I also miss the boys, Noah asking such interesting questions and making such good decisions, always choosing the right; and Liam, being silly, running up and hugging me just for no reason.

    I miss watching HGTV with you and Liam to get him to nap, our little outings, so fun, and just hanging out and talking, can’t have enough of that.

    I miss Cakes coming home from work and everyone being happy that Daddy was home, his calm sweet aura, his help with the baby and the boys and his faithful doing of the dishes each night, he is priceless!

    Thanksgiving seems way too far away to see you all again. I wish I could come out with Daddy for the blessing in August.

    Thanks for the pix, I love them all.



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