Gammie came

This is so late coming, but I have been a little out of it lately. OK, but she came and it was wonderful. She played with the boys (Noah and Liam) and had a million little activities for them to do – scavenger hunts, making books, collecting seeds … it was adorable. And she made dinner … every night. It was heaven for me. The only thing I felt bad about was when she got sick on the last day here. She was really sick – like down and out, crawl in your bed and take advil kind of sick. I felt badly that we sent her home that way. But after she left, the boys asked about her in the morning, “Where’s Gammie?” Like they expected her to be a permanent addition to our home :) It was cute. Here are only a few pictures I snapped while she was here. I should’ve done more, but I didn’t … again, I am just kind of out of it.

Noah explaining something to Gammie, of course.

Liz, don’t hate me for putting this picture in, but the boys’ faces are awesome. I think you didn’t know you were in the¬†shot, sorry, should’ve told you.

So cute. The funniest part of the picture is the reason why there’s a blanket over Ray – Liz said this fluffy hair was tickling her face, so she put a blanket over his hair. lol.

Thanks for coming Gammie! We miss you.

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