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So, Ray is 6 weeks and doing great. Here’s the highlight: for the past three nights in a row he has gone to bed around 11 pm, slept until about 4 am and then nursed and burped, then gone back to bed until 8 am … I know … what??!!! awesome, right? Let’s cross our fingers this continues.

I just got an email from a friend of mine who had a baby a MONTH after me and she was sending out the baby announcement …. yeah. I haven’t even gotten serious about the baby announcement, so today I did. I did a little photo shoot of Ray and got some good ones. I also had some pretty funny blooper pictures too. Here they are … enjoy.

I think this one is my favorite, that’s why I put it first. I might use it for the announcement. We’ll see.

Chillaxin’ on my bed. Yes, doesn’t it look totally natural to be kickin’ back in bed with a newsie hat on??

Good shot of his little dimple in his chin.

I almost got the smile … it was on it’s way out by the time I snapped the picture. shoot.

Another one of my faves. I might use this one too. I love his delicious little toes, the slight smile, the hat is in perfect place …. love it.

Now, a photo shoot with one of my boys would not be complete without a major amount of “bloopers”. Here are a few of Ray’s blooper shots:

Kind of an awesome lip curl right? This so reminds me of Noah. Noah did the same thing as a baby.

Getting angry … but then he got full on mad:

And that’s it. Now I need to make the announcement, print it out and send them out … easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

2 thoughts on “ray photo shoot

  1. That was a fabulous photo shoot. I loved it. The first one is pretty great, but I really love the chillaxin’ on the bed one … I think that is my fav. He just looks so squishy there, I love it.

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