big brother love

Liam is very attentive to Baby Ray. He asks me all day long”Can I wash my hands and touch the Baby?” He wants to hold Ray and kiss him on the face and can’t walk by his bouncer without saying something to Ray or touching him. It’s cute. Sometimes scary. But mostly cute. On Sunday, Liam asked if he could hold the baby. So we let him and then snapped a few shots of them. Liam kept leaning down and kissing Ray too, but everytime we tried to catch a picture of the kiss, it turned out looking like Liam was about to bite Ray, or Liam’s head would be in the way … the pictures didn’t capture the sweetness of the kisses. But they captured the rapture in Liam’s face, don’t you think? Liam is happy to be a big brother to Baby Ray.

Let’s not pretend. You and I both know that I put this picture in for no other reason than to show off the crocheted loafers. And they’re awesome.

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