Noah’s 7th Birthday

This year was supposed to be a small party. We’re trying to stick to the idea of doing big parties on certain years: 5, 8, 12, 16 & 18. So, we only invited the Ordaz boys and one of Noah’s friends from school, his best friend, Jason.

They played Noah’s Lego Star Wars computer game, R2-D2 Trouble and ate lunch. Noah requested hot dogs, apples and pears cut up and “Noah salad” (lettuce with homemade balsamic dressing). Then we opened presents and played! Noah had been saving up all of his birthday money he got from: Grandma & Grandpa, cousins in Santa Cruz, Gammie, mommy and daddy. He wanted to buy the Millennium Falcon and that’s what he got! He also got a few awesome Lego creations from the Ordaz boys, a movie (Madagascar 3) and he got to take a gift card from Gammie to Target and he picked out the Droid Escape Pod Lego set. It was a fun day!

In case you’re wondering …. those Lego bricks are candy … and the tall Lego bricks are candles. It’s amazing what kind of Lego stuff you can find when you’re looking for it :)

We celebrated Noah’s birthday on Saturday, December 8th, but we celebrated it again with cake and ice cream on Monday, December 10th too. He looks so big. I feel like there has been such a huge leap in his face, his manner, in the way he talks …. he just seems like a little grown up now. This is the first time that has made me a little bit sad. I’ve always loved seeing my boys grow and develop and get more independent … until now. He is so smart and does so much on his own. He walks to the back of school for me to pick him up. He as his whole day away from me and tells me things he does at school and who he likes and hangs out with …. sigh. He’s big. Time to face it – I need to make the most of the next 11 years, because my heart already aches thinking about sending him away on his mission and one day giving him to someone else. For now, he is mine. My sweet Noah. And I love him. Happy Birthday big seven year old!

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