Christmas 2012

This year we all went to PA to be together at Liz’s house and hang with Ian before he leaves on his mission to Brazil in March! All of the Forsyth’s converged and it was awesome to be with everyone. We miss seeing them and loved every moment. I want to get all the pictures up, so that’s first. I will write about the vacation later. Too little time and so much to share!

Dave and Misha stopped by!!!

Brothers and babies – Daniel and Baby Ray(6 months), Eric and Baby Henry (11 months)

Ian …. doesn’t he look grown up?? He’s a college boy, with a girlfriend and an Elder!!! crazy. I remember when he was 8, at my wedding, but he’s so different now. He’s a blast.

Aunt Jaime, Uncle Eric and Liam sharing his “Wed, Hot Bw-oos” (Red Hot Blues …. Liam’s favorite chips).

Jonathan … cute rosy cheeks.

Hottest Man Alive … aka Daniel Cakes.

This is Little Will. So beautiful. Does he get that from his pretty mommy next to him? eh??

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas morning …

These guys both look pretty interested in what they’re opening.

One of my favorite gifts – my checkered Vans. This is a teenage dream finally coming true.


Santa got Liam dress-ups … does he know Liam, or what?

An after Christmas walk …

Dallin …. sweet, chubby faced Dallin. mmmmmm.

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