Ray, 7 months

There are some firsts going on around here and I need to hurry up and get these down, or they will go undocumented and be completely forgotten. In December, Ray’s first tooth poked through. It’s one solitary bottom tooth and we now refer to him as “sharp tooth”.

He stands (assisted)!

And sits … unassisted!

He’s started doing that rock back and forth on your hands and knees thing. So it looks like he’s getting ready to crawl … and he seems super happy about it too.

And for heaven’s sake, is it just me, or is this kid just beautiful?

It’s a good thing too (that he’s so gorgeous) cuz, man, he’s a lot of work these days. He gained 1 lb in 2 weeks when we went in for a “weigh in” last week, so that’s great! Because at 6 months he had dropped from the 57th percentile in wieght to the 3rd. Now, after his 1 lb, he’s all the way up to the …. 5th percentile. sigh. So far to go still. And he’s holding strong on the “no bottle” issue. So I am still feeding him extra formula to supplement my breast milk through a catheter syringe. Total pain. I am getting calluses on my fingers from pushing the syringe. I took him in this week to Ann Arbor to a feeding specialist. Nothin new. She’s stumped as to why he doesn’t want to feed from a sippy cup or bottle even though he’s basically starving himself by only nursing. Anyway, we keep at it.

But he is developing in so many ways. He notices everything! And gets so distrcated so easily. I have a hard time nursing him in the front room if anyone else is in there. He whips his little head around all the time, searching out sounds and movement. He loves pears. He likes tummy time and can skoot backwards pretty well now (a skill he has been honing over the past few weeks). He drools a ton and the cutest thing to see is his little pointer finger just hanging out, hooked in the corner of his open mouth allowing another avenue for the drool to spill out. He talks to us and laughs a lot. He’s super smiley too. A good baby. Now, if he would just eat! sheesh. But we love him. 7 months is here and passing, this is going fast!


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