I just did 7 loads of laundry. no lie. You’d think I deserved 7 loads of laundry if I had neglected it for about a week, right? Well, guess what? I did laundry about 4 days ago. And I know for a fact that it’s not me who is a major contributor to the ridiculous pile of dirty clothes because I have barely enough underwear my size these days to get me through a week and as I folded my 7 pairs of pants I realized something else – all of my pants are either pajamas or stretchy pants. sad. wait, I do have one pair of large sized jeans. yeah. I save those for date night :)

A few days ago we got some money we weren’t counting on and so Daniel asked if I wanted to use some of it to get myself something and of course I jumped at that! Heck yes I want to buy stuff …. let’s see, what do I want first?! …. hmmm, what do I need? … what would I use the most?? ….. yeah, I think you know what I got. I went to Target and bought a matching set of jammies and some yoga pants to workout in. I also snagged a few pairs of short socks to workout in. And that’s where I am right now. That pile of stretchy clothes are a symbol of my life these days.

I clean stuff, wash stuff, make food for small people, drive kids to school and back, make dinner and if I’m lucky, I get to go potty before noon. The things I do for myself are very rarely things I really want to do. For instance, I usually spend my “alone time” away from the house doing food shopping after Daniel gets home from work. I also work my butt off trying to plan everyone’s schedule just perfectly, feed everyone, dress everyone in major snow clothes, warm up the car, bring snacks, more food and get out the door so I can …. work out at the gym. Yup. My reward for all that preparation is to go and sweat it out at the gym to get my body back from this flabby, fat mess that child bearing has done to me. Most people have a hard time fitting the gym into their schedule and find it hard to be motivated to get there .. imagine how hard I have to want to get to the gym to not only fit it into MY schedule but try and plan it into the lives of 3 other individuals who are trying to sabotage my plans constantly??

OK, enough about me, cuz that stuff is usually sad these days. Man, January and February are doing a serious number on me. In other news: Ray is crawling!!! It’s more like scooting, but he does it and gets around enough that I had to bring the gate up from downstairs and put it into use!! More videos on that next time. Gotta go pick up Noah, leisure time is up.

2 thoughts on “stretchy

  1. Yes, Stretchy. I think I spent a combined totaly of 10 years in stretchy clothes, going up or coming down from 5 pregnancies. I feel your pain. Lucky for you though, once you stop nursing you will drop your weight like a stone in a lake. Me, it woud still take me a year to get the weight off and, lo and behold, guess what??????? I got pregnant again. Well…….there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get your body back again. It will happen, belive me. I know not soon enough, it never seems soon enough, but it will happen.

    Thanks for being willing to go through this to provide me with 3 stunning grandchildren that I cannot believe how beautiful they are. I know you aren’t really doing it for me, but I am glad I get the fallout of your love for Daniel, the Lord and choosing to do what is right, even though it is hard, not convenient and down right stinky a lot of the time.

    I miss you freakin tons.


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