Well, I figured it was about time to move on from the depressing posts I’ve been up to lately and post something fun. I’ve been doing a lot of projects that I can’t post here because they are a surprise for someone …. anyway, today we did valentines.

I’ve been looking all over pinterest for good, fun ideas to make for my boys to give out at school. I really love this. Every year I love this. I may not be a “room mom” or be on the PTA but I make valentines for the boys’ classes and really get into it. I usually like having a picture of the boys on the valentine and this year was no exception. Here are the raw cards …

I will have to take apicture after they have stuff on them. Liam’s will have a bracelet he’s giving out to all the girls around his hands and Noah’s will have either glow stix or pixie sticks as his light saber. can’t wait.

I love the outtakes too. I just set up a white sheet in our front room and snapped these shots. Liam wanted to dress up (but didn’t need to) and Noah found his Halloween outfit and came dressed and ready  for pictures. Here are the outtakes:

Liam dressed in totally random dress ups.

I asked Noah to smile and he said, “I can’t, Luke doesn’t really smile that much” …. so many of the pictures are very serious.

But I got this one smiling :)

This is actually my favorite one. I made another valentine with this picture, but didn’t show the finished product yet, I will later. My Noah … he is so intense.

OK, so then Liam saw that noah was really getting into it and giving it his all and Liam wanted to also. It is so funny to see Liam “performing”, he is so much like Daniel and so NOT a performer. So when he willingly puts himself out there and performs, I am always surprised and delighted (I feel the same way when Daniel performs … it is delightful). Anyway, it is like a tiny window into Liam’s quiet and brooding eyes. He has so much hidden and every once in a while, it busts out and this time, I had a camera handy.

He’s not even looking at the camera. He is just engrossed in becoming a real Jedi here.

Happy Valentine’s Day early!

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