I haven’t blogged about Noah lately, but he has been doing some awesomeness lately. Here is my installment of Noah stories:

“happy cry” – About a month ago, we got home from church and got busy changing diapers and changing clothes and Noah was downstairs in the meantime doing stuff. He came upstairs and asked me to come see what he had done. He brought me to the chalkboard, where he had drawn a picture of God. I knew it was God because there was a dialogue bubble next to the figure with the word “god” written in  it and an arrow pointing at the figure. Dead giveaway. I looked and told Noah is was very nice. He looked at me and with his eyes slightly squinted he said, “Doesn’t it kind of make you want to happy cry?”

lessons – In church the other day, Noah’s Primary teacher pulled me aside and said she felt badly that Noah hadn’t been able to give his lesson. I asked, “what lesson?” His teacher seemed surprised that I didn’t know. She told me that a few weeks ago Noah came to class and raised his hand right away and told her, “I have a lesson to share with the class”. So the teacher asked him to go ahead and share. Noah proceeded to take out a bunch of pieces of paper he had made in preparation and gave a short lesson on faith. Evidently, he had prepared a lesson today also, but there wasn’t time to give it and she felt bad about that. I told her I had no idea he was preparing lessons and totally laughed. What a Noah thing to do. So Noah. I love him.

John Tanner – Last Sunday was our Primary Presentation, where Noah and Liam each had a speaking part and they sang in Sacrament meeting. It was beautiful. Since they performed so well, they got to see a movie and eat treats during Primary in the 2nd hour of church. The movie was one that was put out by the Church about John Tanner – an early Saint that had a miracle in his life and then that gave up money and fortune for the Church because he was converted. At the end of the movie, Noah turned to the kid next to him and said, “When you watch movies like that – doesn’t it make you want to cry a little?” Noah. What a sensitive little soul.

Speaking of the Primary Presentation, I have to mention Liam. For several of the songs, they had learned sign language. It was pure delight to watch Liam try to do the sign language. He would follow the easy signs pretty well, but every once in a while a sign would come up that required specific fingers to be used. Liam would see the sign being made and look down at his hands, furrow his brow and use one hand to push down and raise up the fingers required, then make the sign and look up. By this point, the song had progressed a verse or so and Liam seemed totally unaware that he had missed about 10 signs in between and just continued on with what everyone else was doing. Totally gorgeous. His little, round face was so fervent and serious. He never acted up or poked the kid next to him. He just sat there and looked beautiful. What kind of a 4 year old does that??

Noah was hilariousl, but for different reasons than Liam. Noah really wanted to get a laugh out of the kids in his class and he told me before we went to church that he wanted to add something to the end of his speaking part. He wanted to quickly say “goodbye” at the end, because in practice it had gotten a pretty good reaction. I asked him if he thought that was the right thing to do in church. He said no. When he was standing in the line of kids saying their speaking parts, he looked out into the congregation where I was sitting. I smiled and he scrunched up his face, looked at the microphone and back at me, then he wrung his little hands a little and frowned. It was hilarious to watch him go through the decision making process right in front of me. He decided to just say his part and sit down – no big laugh. Also, Noah knew all of the words to the songs. He was the picture of perfection. He did the sign language, sang the words and when he saw me watching him a huge grin spread across his face. He is delightful. I am lucky to have both Noah and Liam. They are good boys.

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