The Tide Pools with Jamiesons

So, the Jamiesons live about an hour and a half away from us now. In MI, they lived 5 minutes, now it’s longer, but amazing that we live close enough to hang out together at all, right? They happen to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth – California and not just that, but southern CA. They also live next to the tide pools in Rancho Palos Verdes. They’re awesome. About a month ago, we went to visit them and went to the tide pools and ate custard at Ritas. It was wonderful. On the way home from their house, Daniel and I were talking and we were saying that we feel like they are family. When you go through some serious tough times together (i.e. Michigan) it bonds you. Les was a single mommy of 4 kids because Bobby was doing his residency in MI and I was dealing with 3 kids and my husband in his Masters program at U of M. We went through the ugly, fat, baby years together and that bonds people.

Anyway, here are some beautiful pictures of us at the tide pools. It was so fun.


doesn’t exist

Check out the fuzz this humid, sticky rainy day is creating all over my head.

Sticky rain doesn’t exist in California. This whole crappy thing where it’s like 70 degrees (or hotter) and it’s raining and you don’t know what to wear because if you wear a hoody you’re sweating it out, but if you wear shorts and flip flops you just get soaked…. yeah, this doesn’t exist in California. If it’s raining, it’s cold, if it’s sunny it’s hot. Straight forward. Easy to dress for. But the only reason I’m thinking of this specifically today is because …….. wait for it …….. I’m visiting CALIFORNIA ON WEDNESDAY!!!! heck yes! And right now, it’s sticky raining in Michigan. ugh. But who cares, I’m dustin’ this crappiness on Wednesday night – woo hoo!

it’s happening.

Oh man, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome because I’m traveling without the boys. It’s just me. I love flying without kids. I don’t have to pack for 4 people or worry about whether or not the DVD player is charged. At the airport I can just walk through the security line without delay – I get snacks, I buy magazines, I read on the plane, I sleep on the plane, I go to the bathroom whenever I please, ahhhhhhh. It’s awesome.

But then there’s California itself. The whole reason I’m going is to surprise my dad for Father’s Day. It’s Daddy’s 60th birthday this year, in September, but this weekend is the time that all of us girls can get together, so we decided to celebrate Father’s Day with him. I come in Wednesday night and will keep my presence a surprise until Thursday morning when all of us girls will wake up early (like 5 m early) and go get donuts, then come home and when Dad wakes up and comes downstairs we will all be waiting there for him, donuts in hand and tell him, “we don’t know what happened!? We lost control of the car and ended up at the donut shop, so we decided, while we were there, that we might as well get some donuts and bring them home for you. Happy Father’s Day!” (it’s a family joke. My daddy used to do the same thing to us girls when we were little, except it was on Saturday mornings. He’d lose control of the car …. we’d get donuts … we all blame our addiction to sugar on daddy :) ).

I had a dream about it last night. I dreamed that I was in CA and sleeping in the piano room downstairs and Daddy accidently saw me Wednesday night. He teared up and I cried (happy cried) in the dream. I was so happy in the dream.

The other part of this California trip that is awesome, is that I will be with all my sisters and their babies. AND I will be able to help everyone else out with their kids cuz I don’t have my boys to worry about. I’m calling it now, I will stay up late and talk on the stairs at mom’s house. I will hang around Bethany’s house. We will eat and talk and play and I will feel the sun on my face. We will do a classic Damiano Beach Day on Saturday and there will be licorice. We will all get dressed up on Father’s Day and go to church. It will be a beautiful 4 day weekend for me and I am sooooooo looking forward to it.

So, it’s easy to see past this crappy, sweaty, rainy day in Michigan because I have California in my sights. This day doesn’t exist. It will pass. I will make it pass by trying not to look out my windows and by doing laundry and playing with Liam and Ray inside.

California, here I come!!!!!!