the olympics, ugh

I have GOT to stop eating while watching the olympics. A week ago, after we put the boys to bed, it was about 9 pm and Daniel and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. It was a crazy day. Anyway, Daniel went and grabbed some Five Guys’ burgers and fries and we sat down to watch Michael Phelps swim. I felt pretty silly sitting on my front room floor, stuffing my flabby-after-baby body with burgers and fries while commenting on how if Michael Phelps had really cared at all – he would’ve trained better for the 400 meter race that he lost. Eating while watching these amazing bodies go flying across the TV screen in front of me is a little depressing. I mean these Olympians really have amazing bodies and are in peak condition … and then here I am in stark contrast, 45 lbs overweight with a tire around my middle horking down burgers.

It happened again for Family Home Evening Monday night. We ate banana splits while watching gymnastics. Then last night I made a pan of brownies and ate them (not the whole pan) while watching track and field. I watched this woman who had twins and then gotten back into such amazing condition that she won the silver medal in hurdles. Let’s just say I am not really ready to compete in hurdling right now.

All these olympians and their darn bodies and striving spirit – ugh. I’m so tired of it. It just makes me feel so far removed from these people. I will probably never have abs like Misty Mae-Treanor and Kerry Walsh-Jennings, so what’s the point of trying right?? No. I should try. But the summer olympics are definitely not helping me get the gumption up to do it. I literally just google searched the phrase “workout routines for moms”. I have got to do something. I guess I should start by not eating junk, then maybe try not eating junk while watching the olympics. That’s first on my list.

Grandpa came for Ray’s Blessing Day

My daddy came. On another note … we blessed Ray on Sunday. Both were phenomenal events. Daddy flew in on Saturday night and left Monday around noon. It was too short.

We blessed Ray at church on Sunday and I don’t know if I can adequately express the rush of emotion I felt. It came suddenly, all at once right before they blessed him. They announced we would be having a baby blessing and invited all those who were invited to participate in this blessing to come forward. It was right then, as I stood up on the end of the aisle, picked Ray up from his carseat and handed him to Daniel. I sat down and watched Daniel carry our sweet little Ray, all in white, up to the front of the chapel with my daddy following. My eyes filled with tears and a rush of emotion overcame me as I  looked on to see Ray surrounded by so many good, priesthood holders. Our friends are good men. My daddy is a good man and my Daniel is the best man. And there was little Ray being craddled in the midst of them. The scene just overwhelmed me.

I hope Ray is influenced by these men. These men who hold the priesthood power – the power of God. My favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon are in Alma 48:11-18, especially verses 17 and 18. They describe Moroni and what kind of man he was. I believe I married a man like Moroni and I want my boys to be men like this too. I’m glad they have such amazing examples all around them.

As for the Dad visit, we didn’t do a whole lot. We just hung around, ate food and talked. I had gotten homemade pasta and a ton of basil at the Ann Arbor farmer’s market Saturday morning, so I made pesto for Sunday dinner. Our friend, Bobby, came by Sunday night, had some brownies and ice cream with us and we all chatted into the evening. On Monday morning, Dad asked if we could go to Target and get a lego set for Noah and Liam (probably because they had been talking about their favorite lego sets all weekend with Grandpa). So we did. And the boys felt like it was Christmas, in August :)

It was a fantastic weekend. I loved every minute. And it makes me feel grateful. It also makes me sad, because I sure miss my dad now. All in all, a great weekend.

As soon as Grandpa walked in the door from the airport Liam ran up and hugged his legs and exclaimed, “Grandpa! I missed you!”

This is one of my favorite pictures. Because it shows daddy laughing.

Sunday morning, before Ray had his white Sunday clothes on.

Here are all the after church photos:


seriously? … how beautiful is this? ah, my little men.