Lazy Monday

Today is Memorial Day and we are in full napping mode around here …. except for Noah and me of course. This is the way we roll in our Forsyth clan. Daniel and Liam snatch as many naps as they can and Noah and I stay as productive as possible every waking moment. We went to the ward Memorial Day picnic this afternoon and it was pretty fun, despite the uncooperative weather. Truthfully, I am really tired of this May-bi-polar weather. It’ll be in the 40’s and 50’s one day, windy and cloudy and cold, then humid and hot in the 80’s. This week is a case in point. Today it was cold, rainy and in the 50’s all day with chilly wind. Not fun to play baseball in and eat food and chat, but we did it anyway gosh darn it! And tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 80’s and thunderstorming (which means 100% humidity). How about a happy medium, eh?

Anyway, I realized that with all of the pictures of the Liam party, I never mentioned what’s going on with my new five year old these days. Here’s the run down on my sweet little Liam:

– he is moving out of the sad, mean 2 year old phase that lasted for 3 years and into the more agreeable and fun Liam we are coming to know and love :)

-he is still our biggest and most fun snuggler. Just this morning, Daniel and I were snuggling up on the couch and Liam walked through the front room, spotted us and jumped up on the couch, then wiggled his way right in between us and smiled. What a love.

– he still gives me kisses and hugs before he goes into his preschool class.

– he looooves his Gammie. Liz came to visit this past week and Liam was like putty in her hands.

– to my utter amazement, he knows all of his letters. About halfway through his preschool year I was spending lots of time trying to sit with him and help him write his letters and he hated that and did not respond well (let’s leave it at that). I even talked to his preschool teacher about it, how I would ask him as we were driving around, “hey, what letter is that?” and he would respond, “I don’t want to talk about it”. His teacher said I should try and sneak letter learning into our daily lives, like maybe I should get him some bath crayons and have him write all the letters he knows. ha! Perfect! Mrs. Yessler is a genius, right? So I did just that. Then discovered that our tub is so old, that the porcelain is wearing off and when Liam wrote his letters on the bathtub … it stayed. Sooooo, I spent some time scrubbing the tub and got rid of the crayons. Bottom line, I was worried about Liam learning his letters. But lo and behold, at kindergarten round up a few weeks ago, they tested him on his letters and he knew every single one. I couldn’t believe it. Is that sad? I saw all of his letters circled on the sheet and asked another mom, “are the circled letters the ones he knows or doesn’t know? I either have a really smart kid, or a totally dumb kid”. It’s sad that I didn’t know which one. Anyway, I tested him in the car and yep – he knows them all.

– now that he knows his letters, he’s always spelling things he sees out for me and saying, “what does that say?”

– he loves carbs … and sugar. He will sometimes just ask to eat a piece of bread because I’m feeding bits of bread to Ray, and Liam loves bread. And sugar. I am raising a kid in love with donuts and bread and sugar cereal and candy …. ahhhhh man. The only veggies he really likes and asks for are “carrots and sauce” (ranch dressing). At least its something.

– he’s still very internal. Sometimes he will burst into tears and we don’t know why and he won’t tell us why and we have to wait until the next day or later that day to ask him and hear what the problem was. I blame Daniel for this. I am  huge communicator. Liam, not so much. But you feel so privileged to be a part of his circle of people he trusts when he does speak to you. Sometimes he’ll offer up information about what happened at preschool or at his friend Lucas’ house and I always find myself freezing in place to listen and pay attention. It is rare and special for him to share and I love it when he does. It makes me feel special.

– he does not like to draw or paint really.

– he can be super silly. He has a very animated face sometimes. I have randomly caught it on film and it always cracks me up. His face is so beautiful – round and full lipped with the darkest brown eyes I’ve seen and soft, olive skin. Then to see those full lips squish up to show confusion …. awww, I love it.

I would write more, but it’s way past dinner time and life is moving on and it’s getting late. I love Liam and 5 looks good on him :)


Star Wars Birthday party, part 2

These boys had so much fun running around in their Jedi robes. In fact, I wish I had just let them do that … for like 2 hours. Instead, I spent all this time coming up with a Jedi Training Obstacle course, which only lasted a few minutes and was never seen or used again. Also, I made too much food. There were just snacks, but they were sugary, so by the time cake and ice cream came around, half the kids said they didn’t want ay cuz they were full. Which is a huge shame because then I was stuck with 7 layers of a massive helmet head cake. oh man, I’m making Daniel take that to work to get rid of it. I wonder if the people at Ford will be shocked to see a Captain Rex helmet head of cake in the break room.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures of the playing that went on. There are probably too many, but it will make you feel like you were really there :)

The faces in the above picture crack me up. It was very intense in the backyard.

Noah’s stance in this picture above is like a classic fencing move or something. You can see that Nicholas is about to get it right in the kisser.

It looks like it was a warm day, right? It wasn’t. But the sun came out a little in between clouds and it stayed around 58-60 degrees, so not terrible.

Daniel took all these outdoor shots and he said watching the boys fight was like watching a flock of birds. They would change direction and all move in a flock-like formation.

This is Jedi Training, part one. We had some older friends, Antonio and Alejandro be our Jedi Masters and they taught us some moves.

And then Darth (Daniel) showed up. Daniel was awesome. He took Liam’s 4 year old Darth Vader costume and pinned it to a black shirt and got the belt on and made it work. Then he took a serious beating from the kids. It was hilarious to watch. Here are too many pictures of the onslaught:

And yes, that is Daniel light sabering the Birthday boy.


Liam landing the final blow. That’s my boy, hitting him while he’s down.

Jumping over the pit of carkoon.


The piñata fiasco … the hook at the top came out, so Daniel tied a rope around it and it worked. Not that the kids cared. They were too busy fighting each other in the front yard.

We finally gave Liam the light saber stick that was much tougher and had him finish it off. Look at Alonzo’s face … he’s excited!

Funny story: So, we lit up the candles on the cake and were about to start singing hapy birthday to Liam, but he immediately blew out the candles. So we started again. We got about 75% through the song again and he blew them out again. Oh well. we gave up singing.



spring so far

Well, Michigan did some good for a week solid and man, we lived it up! It was in the 60’s and 70’s and sunny … wha??!! I know. But this happens every year. I just forget. Michigan is mean and plays dirty tricks. Every spring it gets to be April and I’m pissed that it’s still freezing at 40 degrees, then suddenly, we get a stroke of good weather, for just long enough to think, “huh, maybe spring is here! Maybe winter is over! Maybe we will start warming up!” and then I buy a basil plant! And then it’s the morning of Mother’s Day and Michigan slaps me in the face with 39 degrees and says, “take that!” and I have to bring my basil plant indoors, or watch it wilt and die slowly outside like my hopes and dreams of good, warm weather …. but for a week, it was good.

Ray has four teeth now! And boy did we ever pay for those 4 teeth. Rough stuff. Teething is the pits.

Ray also started standing up in his walker! He’s a speed demon at crawling these days but not really interested in walking just yet. The walker standing up thing just happened.

Then this next picture is for Daniel’s face. It’s his excited face …. wait for it ….


And this next picture is for Ray’s face:

Noah got a jump rope from the “grab jar” for getting his chores done on time. So we spent some time outside with the jump rope.

I love action shots of Noah. They are so real to life. He is in constant motion, always moving forward, making goals. That is my Noah.

Star Wars Party for Liam, part 1

There is soooooo much. This party has consumed me for the past month. I will start with the decorations, then post about the party itself and the boys in their Jedi robes …. ahhh, so much fun.

First of all, everyone and their dog has done a Star Wars party, so I was reluctant to do it, but the more I talked to Liam about it and tried to talk up and suggest other themes, we kept coming back to “Stah Wehs”. So a Star Wars party it was. I got a lot of good ideas from this blog and of course, Pinterest. This is my pinterest board with a bunch of ideas and links.

The first project was the death star piñata, which took us over a week to make (with drying times in between). There are a million death star piñatas out there. The only bit of advice I’d give to others is to reinforce the hook at the top with cardboard – cuz ours came out and then it was a little crazy trying to tie it up with rope. It worked out, but reinforce the top with lots of cardboard from the inside!


Painting it at midnight one night. You’d think after all this work I would’ve taken a million close up pictures of the finished product…. nope. I forgot. I have on shot. To someone who is a little OCD, this death star was a nightmare because it was not perfectly round, not perfectly sectioned off and not perfectly symmetrical. But it worked as a piñata.

I made the laser coming out of it with pipe cleaners. Liam specifically requested a “way-zuh”.

This was the scene when you walked in.

I spent forever making brown Jedi robes, but that was worth it. The kids loved the Jedi robes and pool noodle light sabers the best of all the treats, activities or anything else. I think they liked the light sabers because they didn’t have to be careful, they could knock the daylights out of someone, right in the face and it was cool, cuz it was just a pool noodle. Boys are hilarious.

Then there was the food …

The black plastic tablecloth was sprinkled with silver confetti stars. And then there was the cake … Liam literally asked for Captain Rex’s head on a platter. So I had to do it, didn’t I? He’s the birthday boy …oh geez, 7 layers of blue and green cake later, this is what we ended up with:

I haven’t worked a lot with fondant, in fact, this was my first time, and I made my own fondant from a tutorial here and I’d do it again. It was the coolest recipe and it worked well, even though Captain Rex looks like he has sunken in cheeks a little, that was my fault trying to make the helmet indentations.

And then there were the favor bags … 

I made my own stencil by printing out a picture of each head and then using an exacto knife to cut out the negative space.

Admittedly, Han Solo looks a lot like Jim Morrison. But none of these kids knew who The Doors were. 

I made the labels and the sticks are called “Pocky sticks”, I found them, randomly in the Asian isle of the grocery store. I got a package of about 18 for 99 cents. Super cool and pretty tasty.

The rest of the stuff in the favor bags was: a squirt gun (blaster), star wars tattoos, stickers, notebooks and pens all from the dollar spot at michaels 50% off.

And then there was the Jedi Training Obstacle Course in the basement …

This is a black piece of fabric I pinned to the rafters. Thanks to Noah I had the Millennium Falcon and Luke’s X-wing put together from Legos to hang with fishing line.

The kids in front of the black sheet.

This was my interpretation of the pit of carkoon. The kids swung over it on the rope swing I anchored to the rafter.

Close up of the pit of carkoon. I just piled a bunch of cardboard boxes on top of each other and taped them together, then cut teeth in the cardboard and spray painted it red. I covered the boxes with a painting drop cloth I had.

The other side of the basement/obstacle course. They had to climb through the laser beams, then shoot the storm trooper down. I made the storm trooper by piecing together 8.5×11 sheets of black and white print outs. I have the pdf if anyone wants it. The storm trooper ended up being about 4 feet tall. Kid sized.

Well, that does it for the décor. And this post took me forever, so I’ll post part two later …. Happy Birthday to Liam!