Easter 2013, just Ray

Seriously, the camera loves this happy kid. Ray was asleep during our family photo shoot for Easter, so Ray got a separate shoot. It only took about 3 minutes, because he just sat there on the settee just smiling at me like this, for every picture. It was amazing. Best kid to photograph. ever.

Now, lemme explain his outfit: I wanted to do a cardigan onesie and after practicing on one a few weeks ago, I felt pretty confident. I finally found the grey and white striped long sleeve onesie I was looking for at the consignment store and made my onesie cardigan. Then I needed a yellow bowtie. I couldn’t find the right yellow fabric in my store of fabric and so I asked Daniel if he had any ties he wanted to get rid of and he did! The only problem was that the tie I wanted to use was yellow and blue. I didn’t want the blue … soooooo, I just folded and sewed the blue parts together so that the tie looked all yellow, then I made it into the bowtie you see above. I attached the bowtie to a white short sleeved onesie underneath the long sleeved onesie cardigan and there you have it – Happy Easter little Ray!

I had a little fun editing the first and last picture of Ray. Just for fun.


Easter 2013 outtakes

Easter pictures always make every family look so perfect, right? Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, here’s the story behind the fantastic pictures …. the outtakes:

You’d think this was the picture we took after a million others, right? They look so exhausted. Well, this was the first picture. We had to threaten jolly Noah into taking pictures.

I call this next one the “awkward prom pose” because Liam has his hand on Noah’s waist for some reason.

No explanation needed for the next one.


I don’t know if anyone else is a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan like Daniel and I are (Daniel reads it to me every night …. 10 years running now), but to quote the great Bill Watterson, “These pictures will remind us of more than we want to remember”.

Ah, yes. This last little beauty is a great example of Daniel’s weak eyes. He was squinting through the majority of the pictures I took of him and the boys. Daniel did this at our wedding too and every picture in between. You’d think it was sunny outside or something, but it wasn’t. This is Daniel saying, “I can’t handle any more of this! It’s too shiny!” ….. and it was overcast.